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Judith combines her love of fine art with her innate eye for storytelling to create a genuine documentation of your day. Every special occasion is comprised of moments filled with emotion shared between couple’s, family and friends. Judith captures these moments candidly and organically to help you relive and share the magic of your day for generations to come.
Judith’s clients boast of how her warm and loving nature make them feel comfortable and at ease enabling her to capture images that illuminate moments of life, love and relationships. 

Judith’s approach to capturing your story enables her to offer an unparalleled combination of artistry, quality and timeless value; an authentic family heirloom.

Judith values the opportunity to bring her unique perspective to the art of photography, and is thrilled to offer her services to help you share your personal story. 

Judith is regularly commissioned to capture love and travel stories worldwide and is happy to go anywhere in the world to tell your story. 




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Named by Harper's BAZAAR a TOP wedding photographer in the WORLD.

Judith is the best!!!! Of course her photography is just so beautiful and her lighting is stunning. She captured incredible moments throughout the whole wedding weekend. What makes Judith so special is she truly cares about her clients. 

Jacquelyn + Matt

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I’m a native New Yorker, first generation Brazilian-American on my mother’s side and of Jewish- Russian descent on my father’s side. I was raised speaking Portuguese and grew up in New York, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. As a child I became influenced by many of the artists in my family and the culture around me. Art is in my DNA.

I’m no stranger to adversity. At thirteen I became pregnant and chose to raise my daughter Jessica, while attending high school in New York City. I then graduated college while working to support my daughter and myself.

In 2003, I discovered my passion for photography in college; in particular, I discovered my passion for telling compelling stories of love, beauty, culture and the human experience through photography. Since then, I have applied myself to sharpening my skills, capturing the beauty I see and growing as an entrepreneur. When I started photography, my daughter was about ten years old and I was also busy raising her as a single young mother.



My educational experience in photography includes a bachelor’s degree at Empire State College, studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, a two-and-a-half-year apprenticeship at a custom black and white studio in NYC, and an internship with Magnum Photos at its New York location.

Fast forward to today, I am hired by couples, organizations and brands worldwide photographing their personal stories and helping them share the passion they have for the life they lead and (in some cases) the products they sell; capturing a celebration of life. As for my daughter, she is now a young working professional with a college degree and like me, loves to travel the world!

My passion for photography is rooted in the desire to tell global stories of love, beauty, fashion and culture.

 I believe the challenges I faced at a very early age enable me to quickly connect with people and capture their lives with sensibility and compassion.
In many ways, my view on life comes through my photography. First it engages my own heart and then my hope is that it reaches the hearts of my audience.

Like YOU, I explore and adventure this earth, a heart full of wonder and a soul deep with dreams and desires to lead a tremendous life.

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