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BY Judith Rae

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I had the honor of photographing students in the new Path to College space and recording their personal stories. What struck me was that connecting with individuals who, like us, challenge societal norms and biases with our unwavering belief in a better future, has the power to reshape the very fabric of our reality. We are not just dreaming, we are actively expanding the realm of what is possible. Our stories inspire others to envision greater possibilities for their own lives and the lives of those around them. By sharing our experiences, we ignite a spark of limitless potential in others. Together, we are shaping the future of humanity, and by embracing our own stories, we illuminate the path for others to follow.

Path to College FEARLESSLY CLEARS THE PATH for overlooked STUDENTS TO GET INTO THE BEST COLLEGES with the best scholarships.
PTC envisions a world where genius, leadership, and excellence are cultivated in the most overlooked students in our community.

our stories, an invitation to dream bigger

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With the help of Paula Walters Parker, Artist and art teacher at Forsyth Satellite Academy, and professor Curtis Willocks from the Fashion Institute of Technology, we created an experiential learning environment whereby students learned some basics of photography while exploring personal narratives. Forsyth students were able to experience being in front of and behind the camera while learning a bit about the history and the mechanics of large-format photography and how to develop a personal narrative in an artist statement.

Together, we conducted a series of seven-day workshops at Forsyth Satellite Academy. Throughout the workshops, we created a structure where, as students waited to be photographed, they watched, assisted as others were being photographed, documented behind the scenes of the photoshoot, and took photos of their peers and teachers. Through this structure, students learned the intellectual properties of photography and the kinesthetic, hands-on, physical, and emotional aspects of working with clients and medium-format digital and large-format film cameras.

I also shared my journey in photography and my artist statement to help facilitate a group discussion with all the students about “where they’re currently at, best case scenario for what’s next, and causes they care about.” Students then combined their collective words and Fujifilm Instax images to share critical takeaways.


Toward the end, I met individually with students to guide them in creating their artistic statements.
In some cases, I shared a heart meditation to help facilitate a safe space where they could feel comfortable sharing their personal stories about what they have learned, how the process of making art affects them, and why art brings them joy.

Judith has given students access to explore the wonderful art form of photography and the different classifications of photography tools. Students were able to see themselves as gallery pieces, building their self-confidence and reflection skills. Judith has become such a staple within our school community. Judith’s workshops help solidify the art consortium model at our school. We are extremely lucky to have her as a part of our community. 

Working with Judith has been such an amazing experience for not only the students at the school but also the staff. 

- Tony Canton - CAMBA Community School Director 

Photos and audio of students' reflective artist statements captured by Judith Rae with assistance from students at Forsyth Satellite Academy. 

This project was made possible through a partnership with Judith Rae Photography || Artist and FSA art instructor Paula Walters Parker || Professor Curtis Willocks with his students from FIT and Parsons School of Design || LTI Lightside Photographic Services || Camba @ Forsyth Satellite Academy || Penumbra Foundation 

workshop series 

behind the scenes photo of Judith Rae and Forsyth Students by Curtis Willocks

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Brianny's words photo by Judith Rae.

In 2010, I had the privilege of connecting with the Justice + Joy, National Collaborative, formerly known as National Crittenton, an organization dedicated to promoting social, economic, and political justice for girls, young women, and gender-expansive young people of color. I proposed a multimedia project to them, and a decade later, that vision has become a reality. I traveled across the country to document the stories of young parent families, passionate advocates, and changemakers.

Let's embrace the wisdom of our children and young adults. Let's honor the resilience and insight they bring. Throughout this journey, I have experienced profound personal growth. This project, driven by passion and purpose, has touched my heart and soul, and I hope this emotion is conveyed through the images, words, and audio shared.

I captured this multimedia project using a medium-format Hasselblad film camera and a medium-format Fuji digital camera.


An impactful quote from Madi of the Mohawk Tribe resonated deeply with me: "Not only does it take a community to raise a child, but it takes a child to heal a community."

I went on a trip with Sarah Farsh, the Global Art Director for Whole Foods Market, and a friend of mine. We explored Cuban culture together, and I documented our experience with photos and sound recordings. The resulting video is an artistic representation of our journey through Cuba, featuring the photos, videos, and sound recordings I collected. I am deeply grateful to everyone we met and who shared the beauty of their lives and culture in these recordings.

Cuba experience

bonitas en cuba || documentary

Justice + Joy, National Collaborative