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February 28, 2021


As you may already know, I am a true believer of the importance self-love and self-care rituals play in our lives. In fact, I started a new one last month and I’ve found it to be so beneficial that I want to share it with you. It feels luxurious and extravagant and yet it’s really so simple.


Want to know what it is? Well here we go, It’s a nighttime mineral salt bath! I light a candle, run a bath, add some mineral salts, tune into a favorite playlist and enjoy the effects of soaking.


Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral salt. A compound of magnesium and sulfate. Thanks to google,  below are some supporting benefits:


• Good for the mind, Epsom salt may increase serotonin. Helps stabilize your mood, relieves stress, anxiety and depression.

• Epsom salt helps relax muscles, relieves pain in the shoulders, neck, back and skull.

• Some researchers say magnesium is good for reducing inflammation in your internal organs.

• Fifteen minutes is enough time to soak in all the benefits.

For me, these nighttime soaks have been so incredibly relaxing and have proven to be a delightful way to bring more ease into life.

“Just as you’d think, it’s love—particular, self-love—that makes the world go around.” – Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

My hope for this blog post is that it continues to inspire you to dream, to grow and to create in fabulously authentic ways. May we all deepen our sense of creativity, self-love, clarity, fulfillment and joy in our lives and take time to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for!

As always, I truly appreciate your friendship, your continued encouragement and generous referrals.

If you have any suggestions, questions or thoughts please call or email I look forward to hearing from you!

peace and love,



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