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July 20, 2021



One of my personal affirmations goes like this ” I live my life with grace and ease”. I truly do my best to embody this each day but sometimes after a day like today with long lines in government buildings and crossing big ticket items off our to do list I need more than an affirmation to help lift me up.


Today included updating my driver’s license (lot’s of paperwork to update when changing your name after marriage) and renewing our passports. That 2×2 square image often captured in the worst lighting plus no smiling and EEK not the best photo! Ah yes, I’ll take that special Instagram filter on my image please!!!


Arrived home ready for lunch and totally drained. Lucky for us we had a fresh watermelon in the fridge waiting to comfort and uplift our spirits as lunch was being made. The difference I felt was so incredible I had to look up benefits in Medical Medium – Life Changing Foods by Anthony William and now share with you my friend.


Below are some notes I took on the benefits of eating melons. Realizing the importance this fruit plays in our wellbeing. Definitely will be snacking more often on these each week.


This list includes watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, crenshaw, canary, Santa Claus, galia, charentais and casaba.




Melons are so critical to the healing process. Essentially, they are balls of purified water that help flush out toxins and poisons from our bodies allowing our immune systems to heal and restore.


Melons are like mother’s milk because they are predigested. Our digestive systems barely need to process melon because they are so high in enzymes and certain coenzymes.


The fructose in melon leaves your stomach in less than one minute! The rest of the fruit drops into your intestinal tract and immediately fortifies and replenishes your body.


Eating melon is like getting intravenous nutrient therapy.


Melon has a high electrolyte content that helps protect our brain and the rest of our nervous system. Eating melon also thins our blood.


The water in melon is nearly identical to our blood – sodium, potassium and glucose are also abundant and bioavailable – this makes melon one of the most hydrating foods to eat. This level of hydration helps lower blood pressure too.


Melon is also one of the most alkalizing foods. High in silica, melon is an excellent food to restore ligaments, joints, bones, teeth, connective tissue and tendons. Melon is also one of the most powerful glucose balancers.


Emotional Support: melons can give us the extra support and patience we way may need while eagerly awaiting important news.


Spiritual Lesson: Sometimes good comes to us without our labor: Powerful healing takes place in our bodies, spirits and souls and all we have to do is let it happen. Situations made for us present themselves, and all we have to do is grab the opportunities. Allow for this type of grace in your daily life.


My hope for this blog post is that it continues to inspire you to dream, to grow and to create in fabulously authentic ways. May we all deepen our sense of creativity, self-love, clarity, fulfillment, gratitude and joy in our lives as we make living in the present moment our primary focus.


As always, I truly appreciate your friendship, your continued encouragement and generous referrals. If you have any suggestions, questions or thoughts please call or email I look forward to hearing from you!


love + light,