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hi, i'm Judith Rae

Alex and I were watching a video about the fastest McLaren ever made 🔥 worth over 4 million dollars! Guess what … it was equipped with its very own toolset. Each tool was GOLDEN!!! That’s right, each tool was made out of gold! Sounds valuable right?

Did you know that the chances of you and I being here on this planet are about 1 in 400 TRILLION!!! I would say that’s way more valuable than 4 Million, wouldn’t you? Actually, I would say our lives are priceless.

Well then, now that we all know our value, here’s my question to you… what’s in your toolset?! Are you well equipped with all the golden tools to help you thrive? Are you setting yourself up for a success each and every day??? Making time for yourself first?

I am so inspired by the life I’m living! I see a difference in my level of motivation, excitement and clarity when I practice the following …


• Eating healthy plant based meals. Leaning for fruit when I want sweets and veggies for salty. 🍎🍐🥒🥕🍓🍉 for more on healthy eating check out @crazysexykris and @yumuniverse. Also here is a favorite green juice recipe: click here.

• Move my body for at least 20 minutes a day. For me this also includes a foot massage.

• Make time first thing in the AM to meditate. 🙏 for more on meditation click here.

• Affirming who I am to myself. 💛 Living my life like it’s golden. @missjillscott

•Creativity, imagination and play! ✨💫 this year I started intuitive watercolor painting with a simple set of travel watercolors. I love the magic of being in the present moment enjoying art and listening to music.

•Creative Visualization naps are the bomb! I’ve been doing these for years now and so far I really love Shakti Gawain. Click here to purchase.

• Journaling I like to do this when I’m feeling inspired and when I’m feeling stuck. Helps me work out kinks and continue to grow. I love keeping a gratitude journal because it helps me feel into all the reason’s I have to be thankful.


This is what setting myself up for success looks like for me. I’ve been doing at least three of these practices daily for seven years now and the shifts i’ve experienced are INCREDIBLE!  Anything you’d like to add? Email me! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Let’s continue to treat ourselves with the utmost care, love and respect.


May this post inspire you to dream, to grow and to create in fabulously authentic ways. May we all deepen our sense of creativity, cultivate positive change, fulfillment and joy in our lives and take time to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for!

As always, we truly appreciate your friendship, your continued support and generous referrals.

If you have any suggestions, questions or thoughts please call or email I truly look forward to hearing from you!

Living my life like it’s golden!

xo, Judith Rae

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